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Kirtipur Dakshinkali

Kirtipur Dakshinkali is Located 22km away from the Kathmandu valley, Dakshinkali is one of the famous temples dedicated to vicious mother goddess Kali who is believed to have much energy and power. This holy site is one of the most important abode of Goddess Kali and lies to the south of the valley. Here, the animal are sacrificed such as goat, sheep, cock, duck etc as it is believed by doing so ones desire and wishes comes true. The main sacrificial work is done during Saturday and Tuesday. During the annual festival of Dashain the whole temple is seen drenched with blood. Apart of the religious significance of Dakshinkali, Mother Nature also seems to be generous towards this holy site. This area offers the admirable hike along with the breathtaking view of Kathmandu valley and high Himalayas. The hike goes through the Gorge of Chovar passing through the very vintage Kirtipur City.   Due to its location in the dense forest of Pine, with the time it has also become one of the celebrated picnic spots. The main effigy of the Goddess is ghoulish, black, with six arms carrying skull, head and a sword.

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