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Trekking Guide in Nepal

Trekking guide in Nepal: Is it important to hire a trek guide?

Nepal, a mountainous country, is a popular trekking destination worldwide. Apart from mountains, the government offers numerous adventure tourism activities, day tours, and wildlife tours. And yearly, nearly two million trekkers and travelers arrive in Nepal for treks and expeditions.

In recent years, the style of independent trekking or even solo trekking and tour fashion has been growing. Individual trekkers believe that not hiring a trekking guide in Nepal can save hundreds of dollars. But, without a trek and tour guide in Nepal, you'll be at risk. The risk always surrounds you, whether it's a high altitude sickness in the Everest region or an animal attack during the jungle safari.

Just to let you know, an independent foreign trekker, a female trekker, was found dead on Annapurna circuit Trekking near Tilicho Lake. She died due to acute mountain sickness, which can be preventable when trekking with a trekking guide and from a local agency.

Foremost, you should remember that hiring a trekking guide in Nepal is not just hiring someone who shows you the trail on the Himalayas. But, a trekking guide is a master of the locale, an excellent trek planner, helper, professional hiker, bridge between you and local people, and a faithful companion throughout the hike.

Trekking guides from top professional local agencies like Adventure Nepal Eco Treks, we are highly experienced, trustworthy, diligent, and responsible professionals. Therefore, hiring Nepal trekking guides and tour guides is highly recommended for foreigners.

Why should you hire a trekking guide in Nepal?

Before hiring a trekking guide, you must clearly understand what trekking guides are, why they are a must for trekking in Nepal and the benefits of hiring them.Here, we'll detail the six best reasons to hire a trek and tour guide in Nepal.

Navigation and Itineraries

While trekking independently, sometimes, you may need help finding the trek trail. Multiple routes may deviate from the track you're in and don't know the right path. You'll miss the essence of having a trekking guide at such times.

A trekking guide in Nepal travels to almost every destination in Nepal and, thus, has no problems finding the best trekking route. If you take the example of trek guides at Adventure Nepal Eco Treks, we, our highly experienced trek guides and leaders, have successfully hiked to almost every trekking destination in Nepal.

Moreover, trek and tour guides are excellent itinerary planners. They know the exact ideas of planning the itinerary for different places based on your hiking pace, physique, and several days. Therefore, with a well-planned itinerary, your time and money will be best managed and utilized on a guided trip.

Advance booking and logistics

When you hire a trek guide or tour guide from Adventure Nepal Eco Treks or elsewhere, you'll get the benefits of advanced bookings and logistics.

Once you land in Kathmandu, you must take a day's rest and lace up the boots to hike. All the hotel bookings, tea house bookings, trek permits, airline tickets, meals, and accommodation at the trek will all get arranged beforehand. You could also hire a trekking porter to carry your backpacks and luggage during the trekking.

Language and two way communication

People you'll meet on trekking routes and tea houses speak few English words, and some even chat it. But, for effective communication, a trekking guide becomes helpful.

Ordering meals at tea houses or asking for fresh meals requires effective communication. For example, if you speak French, and the tea house owner fails to understand your language, there must be someone to bridge the language barrier. Hence, with language-special trekking guides from Adventure Nepal Eco Treks, you won't have any problems communicating.

Trekking and tour guides often teach you some Nepali greeting words like Namaste (Hello), Dhanyabad (Thank you), and more. And while trekking through the settlements, you could pass one of these greeting words to them to excite the environment.

Cultural Experience

Unlike other countries, Nepal is a culturally enriched country with rich traditions and festivals. More than just mountains, you'll pass through multiple settlements while trekking in Nepal.

You'll understand Nepali culture, different festivals, the time of celebration, why people celebrate them, and things that prevent them from celebrating. Also, the trek guide details farming practices, politics, geography, marriages, ceremonies, and more.

With a trekking guide, while trekking, you'll be able to travel like a local. And there's more cultural experience alongside the adventure if you hire a trekking guide in Nepal.

Increased Morale

While trekking, you'll get fatigued. The frequent ascend and descend, the weather, freezing temperature, thin high altitude air, and other keeps trekkers bored. But, an excellent trekking guide who keeps chatting, keeps you engaged with his funny jokes, often sings in Nepali and teaches you to sing keeps your morale high.

A trekking guide guarantees the success of your trek and, in the meantime, sticks with you along the highs and lows during the hike.

Low trek cost and significant community support

Hiring a trekking guide in Nepal is relatively inexpensive. If you calculate the per day fare of a trekking guide, around USD 25-30 for a licensed trek guide per day is the cost of your Starbucks and a fast food meal.

This amount is less to you, but with this amount, you'll be contributing to someone who could light the kitchen for his family back home. Hiring a trekking guide creates employment opportunities for locals in the region. You'll not only pay for the trek guide, but at the same time, you'll also support the local economy of the area.

Moreover, by hiring Nepali Trekking Guides, you'll also benefit from the cheaper rates at the tea houses while trekking.

Type of trekking guide in Nepal

In Nepal, there are three types of trekking guides you'd find. Government-licensed trek guides are the most hired guides for high-altitude trekking. Another trek guide’s category includes a non-licensed trek guide cum porter who guides you and carries your backpack. And third, porters who carry your bags during the trek.

Government Licensed Trek Guides

The licensed trekking guides in Nepal are the most hired guides by independent trekkers and local agencies. The licensed trek guides are the most experienced ones with the best guiding history. Upon booking the treks from Adventure Nepal Eco Treks, you'll get a trekking guide with multiple years of experience in guiding.

You could expect these guides to be friendly, talkative, experts in navigation, fluent in English and other languages, and highly professional.

As these are the top professionals, the cost of hiring these guides is slightly higher. The cost of licensed guides also depends on the region you hike, the number of days you walk, and your unique language requirements.

Trek guides cum porters

The trek guides cum porters are the individual who doesn't have trekking licenses but can work as a guide as well as carry backpacks. These are often called assistant trekking guides who have experience in particular regions.

For example, if you're in Everest Base Camp Trek and want to hire a guide cum porter, you'll get many Sherpa who work as a guide and porter. The Sherpa you hire at Lukla carries much more experience in the Everest region than licensed trekking guides.

However, these guides need to speak English and other languages properly, but they speak understandable English.

Trekking porters

Trekking porters are best known as helpers on a trek. They usually carry luggage and backpacks for trekkers. Also, these porters can act as a guide for particular reasons. Porters barely speak English and other languages. However, they give you good companionship throughout the trek.

Cost of hiring a trekking guide in Nepal

The cost of trekking guides hired in Nepal is very affordable. As you'll have an option for different trek guides, your preference also makes the price difference. Furthermore, the trek guides on the Everest region trek are more expensive than those on the Annapurna and Manaslu treks.

Cost of hiring a licensed trek guide in Nepal

If you hire a licensed trekking guide for the Everest region, you must pay USD 30 daily. In total, the Everest region treks span over 12-14 days, and while hiring a trekking guide, you'll end up paying USD 350-400.

In the Annapurna region trekking, the trek guides cost USD 25 daily. While in Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek, the trek guide can cost USD 30 daily. Similarly, Langtang region trekking guides cost USD 25 each day.

Cost of hiring guides cum porters in Nepal

Guide cum porter can cost from USD 20-25 for any trekking in Nepal.

However, unlike trek porters, these guides don't carry the backpack of two trekkers. These guide cum porter individuals carry only some portion of your pack and guide you throughout the trek.As they'll be guiding and carrying your backpack at a time, please provide them with some amount as a tip for excellent service during the trek.

Cost of hiring trek porters in Nepal

The per day cost of a trekking porter in Nepal, on any trek like Everest, Manaslu, Annapurna, or Langtang region, is USD 20.

Please note that you can assign only a 10 kg equivalent backpack for a trekking porter. And if your backpacking weight exceeds this, the porter may charge additional costs, or you may have to look for another porter. Also, a porter is sharable among two trekkers. While sharing, a porter carries somewhere between 18-20 kg only.

Region-based trekking guides in Nepal

It's always best to hire a trekking guide who specializes in the region you've planned your hike. For example, Sherpa trek guides are famous for the Everest region, Tamang trek guides are famous for the Langtang Valley trek, and other trekkers are famous for the Annapurna region tours.

Having said this, before hiring a region-based guide, ensure you know the trek guide's experience. Also, understand if the trek guide can communicate well, has first aid knowledge, can rescue, and is a friendly person or not.

The benefits of hiring a trekking guide for specific reasons are many. First, you will get all of the region's details as your trek guides to explain every essential element of the trek.

Second, a trekking guide with region-based knowledge knows the pace you should hike, what you should avoid, what you should follow, what to eat, who to talk with and more. Also, the region's specific trek guides are the expert navigator. They know the people, terrain, climate, weather, and more.

If you're looking for region-based trekking guides in Nepal, Adventure Nepal Eco Treks has highly experienced trekking guides for various regions. We have our Sherpa guide at Lukla for Everest region trekking. We also have our trek guides who only take clients to Annapurna region treks. Also, we provide region-based trek guides who speak French and Spanish languages.

Trekking destinations that mandates trek guides in Nepal

Prohibited by the Nepal government for safety concerns, there are few restricted areas trekking in Nepal where solo trekking is impossible.Manaslu Circuit Trek, Nar Phu Valley Trek, Tsum Valley, Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, and Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek are among the restricted area trekking.

As these places are attached to Tibet in the North, for safety reasons and to control tourism and foreign human activity, the government has restricted these places.Hence, to access these trekking, with at least two trekkers in a group and a licensed trekking guide from the local agency, is a must. Restricted area permits that cost over USD 100 and are valid for a week are also a must.

Hiring a tour guide in Nepal

While touring in Nepal, in places like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini, Pokhara, and others places, you need to hire a tour guide. It's not mandatory, but with a tour guide, you'll get every benefit, like cultural experience, communication, planning your itinerary, logistics, permits, and more.

Unlike trekking, while touring Nepal, you must purchase an entry ticket to every heritage site, temple, stupa, and park as a foreigner. If you hire a tour guide, they will manage every access and required permit for the tour.

The heritage days tours like Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour and Lumbini Tour need a tour guide. You may see the temples and heritage monuments but need an understanding of their backgrounds, purposes, associated history, establishments, and more. But, with a tour guide, who holds an affluent knowledge of every heritage site and place, you'll learn much more about the culture and tradition behind every heritage site.

Hiring a Female Tour Guide in Nepal

If you're adjustable with male tour guides, it's ok. But, if your group has female travelers and want to hire female tour guides, Adventure Nepal Eco Treks provides female tour guides in Nepal as well. Apart from female travel and tour guides, we also provide a female trekking guide to various trekking in Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang regions.

As a women empowerment and to promote the culture of female guiding, we have highly experienced female tour guides for travelers groups with a female. Our female tour guides have been to almost every hot tourist site in Nepal. As female tour guides in Nepal are in demand, the cost for a day of hiring a female tour guide in Nepal can be around USD 30.

Hiring a Private Tour Guide in Nepal

Usually, unlike trekking, the travelers who join for tours in Nepal prefer private group tours in Nepal. This tour is mainly for family and friends who wish to have unique private tours accompanied by a personal tour guide in Nepal.

A private tour guide in Nepal can cost around USD 25 a day. But, this rate may vary depending upon the number of days, the guide's experience, and where you plan your tour.

But, on a private trip like Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, the pilot will be the guide throughout the tour. Not only the Everest Helicopter Landing tour, but also the pilot works as the guide on every helicopter tour in Nepal.

Benefits of hiring a local agency like Adventure Nepal Eco Treks

Why pay extra for trek porters and trekking guides in Nepal if you get these included on the trek and tour packages offered by local agencies like Adventure Nepal Eco Treks? If you're looking for some budget or solo trekking and want a trekking guide to accompany you. We'll provide a trekking guide upon your request.

However, as a genuine travel agency, we suggest you purchase a trek or tour package from us. Once you buy the trip with us, your purchase includes the cost of trek guides, tour guides, and porters. Also, the package you purchase from us consists of the tickets and permits required at each place.Instead of opting for a local travel agency, independent trekking may cost you higher.

You must hire a trekking guide and a trekking porter and manage all the permits and logistics. By the end, the cost you spend will be higher than the price of the package offered by local agencies like us.

Trek guide, porter and transportation arrangements- An option

Apart from the entire guided trekking, we also offer trips based on your customization. If you want to chop our trips and only want to include trek guides, permits, porters, and transportation, we make the trip as you like.

With this budget trekking style, you'd enjoy the guiding and assistance from our trek guide, backpack carried by a porter, and itinerary managed by trek guide and Adventure Nepal Eco Treks correspondent.Therefore, we suggest you contact local agencies for trekking instead of doing it solo and hiring trek guides and porters.

If you're looking for a trekking guide in Nepal, there are several options available to you. Nepal is renowned for its stunning landscapes and challenging trekking routes, so having a knowledgeable guide can greatly enhance your experience and ensure your safety. Here's how you can find a trekking guide in Nepal:

Through Trekking Agencies: Many trekking agencies in Nepal offer guided trekking packages. These agencies provide experienced guides who are familiar with the routes, culture, and customs of the regions you'll be trekking through. You can find these agencies in major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara, as well as in popular trekking destinations like Lukla and Namche Bazaar.

Online Platforms: There are several online platforms where you can find trekking guides in Nepal. Websites like TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree forum, and Trekking Partners allow you to search for guides and read reviews from other trekkers who have used their services.

Local Recommendations: If you're already in Nepal, you can ask for recommendations from fellow travelers, guesthouse owners, or locals in the area where you plan to trek. They may be able to connect you with reputable guides who are well-regarded in the community.

Guide Associations: Nepal has guide associations, such as the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and the Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN). These associations can provide you with a list of licensed guides who have undergone training and are certified to lead treks in the country.

Personal Recommendations: If you know someone who has trekked in Nepal before, ask them if they can recommend a guide based on their experience. Personal recommendations can often be the most reliable way to find a trustworthy guide.

When selecting a trekking guide, make sure to inquire about their experience, certifications, language proficiency, and familiarity with the specific trekking route you're interested in. It's also essential to discuss logistics, such as costs, accommodations, meals, and emergency procedures, before embarking on your trek. By choosing a reputable guide, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience in Nepal's breathtaking Himalayan landscapes

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