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Volunteering in Nepal: Why?

Volunteering in Nepal: Why?

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"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." – Winston Churchill.

As Winston Churchill stated that to make others' lives easy, we must engage ourselves in volunteering. And for this, developing countries like Nepal provide countless opportunities for you to volunteer. Women empowerment, childcare, teaching, risk mitigation, reconstruction, and environmental conservation are the scopes where you'd participate and volunteer.

If you still need to learn about volunteering in Nepal, just to let you know that Prince Harry from England was in Gorkha, Nepal, during the 2015 earthquake disaster. He stayed there, carried stones in bamboo baskets, and helped local Gorkha people rebuild their houses.

The minimum duration of volunteering in Nepal is a week. However, if you want to extend your stay and continue the social work, you can stay as long as possible by extending your travel visa. With this stay, your efforts, knowledge, and expertise can become a life changer for someone. Students in the rural village of Nepal could learn about technology. The children in Orphanage Home would get the opportunity to learn different things with you. Be a change and make a change!!

First, let's clearly picture the different volunteering works you'll find in Nepal.

Women empowerment volunteering program in Nepal

Life skills and income-generating skills are the crucial things lacking in Nepal. Especially women in rural Nepal are no more than homemakers. Even though they wish to earn by learning basic skills, they need proper training.

If you have any skills and training methods that could empower women and make them earn, visit Nepal. Adventure Nepal Eco Treks helps you find and plan Women's Empowerment Volunteering Projects in Nepal. Or you can directly contact the local communities and participate in volunteering.

Child Care Volunteering in Nepal

A child needs physical, mental, social, and creative development. There are many scopes for childcare volunteering programs in Nepal if you want to contribute. The children in rural Nepal lack proper Early Childhood Development. Also, there are numerous orphanage homes and shelters in urban areas where children await volunteering help.

So, you can engage yourself in various volunteering activities like child education sponsorship, aiding street children, child protection and more.

​​Teaching English to community schools and Buddhist monks

Thousands of community-based schools in Nepal welcome you if you want to volunteer as an English-speaking tutor for a few weeks to months. Community school students need proper English speaking, reading, and writing knowledge. Thus, with someone like you with native English speaking, you could bring positive change to students.

A native English speaker can deliver the proper ways of writing, reading, and speaking the English language. Furthermore, students tend to engage more with foreign tutors, from whom they could learn a lot.

In the scenario of Buddhist monks, enabling them to understand and speak English helps to explore other scopes of the outer world. It also helps them learn about different cultures, religions, and traditions. And in return, you'll learn the Buddhist rituals, way of life, and more.

​​Environment Conservation Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal's enriched biodiversity gives many reasons for volunteers and researchers to explore and promote them. From tropical to tundra and high Himalayas, Nepal has everything one can choose from.

Nepal is better known for permaculture, wildlife research, climate change research, rainwater harvesting, and more. The plethora of wildlife in Chitwan, Bardia, and other regions lets you volunteer for various activities. Also, you could participate in cleaning freshwater lake systems in Pokhara, Chitwan, and other areas of the country.

Adventure Nepal Eco Treks, a trekking and tours company, commits itself to environmental conservation. We associate ourselves with several environment cleaning agencies to reduce the carbon footprint of our treks and expeditions. We'll find you the best-suited Environment conservation volunteering in Nepal upon contacting us.

Disaster risk reduction volunteering in Nepal

Nepal often gets impaired by natural disasters. During earthquakes, floods, and landslides, Nepal got volunteer help from all around the world.

You don't need to participate right after the disaster in this volunteering work. However, risk mitigation techniques, disaster relief and response, and disaster preparedness awareness are some training you could give to the community.

These ideas could save their lives upon being implemented by locals during emergencies.

The most disaster-prone areas of Nepal, like Gorkha, Sindhupalchok, Dhading, and other places, will be where your expertise and training meet your needs. We help you find the best community that requires disaster risk reduction training.

Community health campaigns  Free Volunteering Nepal

Community health campaigns in Nepal are one of the high-demand volunteering activities. In this activity, the local community benefits from the health camps, checkups, dental checks, eye care, and overall health awareness.

This volunteering activity mainly occurs in rural Nepal, like Karnali, Dolpa, Mugu, and other sites. In these regions, people need help getting health services and proper medical counseling.

Thus, you can collaborate with local levels, regional hospitals, and associates to provide health services and awareness to locals. With everyone, you could give the best health campaign to people in need.

How does the local community benefit from your volunteering activity?

There are several benefits local community people and children get from your volunteering work. Here are a few notable benefits for the community.

Improved English communication, which lets locals better communicate with foreigners.

Improves the local organizations and their capacity building through various skills.

Community involvement and participation improve drastically.

Locals get to understand the outer world, use the latest technologies, and more.

How would you benefit from volunteering in Nepal?

You'll have your personal growth and development as you engage yourself in sharing new ideas, skills, and service.

As you'll engage with various people from different communities, you'll get to embrace the crosscultural experience.

It reflects your commitment to serving needy people.

You'll build your professional network with people from different communities.

Personal satisfaction, empathy, and meaningful, rewarding experience.

 Accommodation during your volunteering period in Nepal

While volunteering in Nepal, you'll be in touch with the local community. For example, if you're in a health campaign, the local community arranges your accommodations and meals throughout your stay. Also, in many cases, the leaders in the local community will invite you for meals in their homes as well. As Nepalese people are more hospitable, you'll have a wonderful time even in the rural villages.

We'll arrange your accommodation for volunteering activities like teaching in schools and the program by Adventure Nepal Eco Treks. Most of the time, you'll be accommodated at the school's hostel. And if the school doesn't have a hostel, we'll manage your accommodation in local homestay and lodges.

And in some instances, while volunteering in child care and orphanage, you may have to pay for accommodation. As these institutions run through donations, you may also have to participate in paid volunteering.

Ask us if you need to find volunteering activity in Nepal

If you have any trouble getting volunteer projects, do let us know. With our broad network of people around the different communities, we'll have multiple volunteer projects in which you can participate. We'll also manage the volunteering projects based on your preference and desired date.

You can email 0r whatsapp +977-9851082358 if you have any trouble getting the volunteering task. Our associates will be in touch with you within a few business days.

Trek and tour after volunteering?

After participating in a volunteering act in Nepal, you may feel like seeing the mountains and beautiful Himalayan communities. At such times, Adventure Nepal Eco Treks helps you plan your desired trek and tours in Nepal.

Our hundreds of elegant trek tour packages meet your requirements and budget. Also, for volunteers, we have special discount packages as well.

Do let us know if you want to take a trek and tour in Nepal in 2023 after completing your volunteering activity.

If any one interest for doing volunteer in school in Nepal. Please do contact with Adventure Nepal Eco Treks and Adventure Nepal Eco Trek help you for school Hostel accommodation and food free of cost during your stay at School.

Eating with student and sleeping with student and lets why not to enjoy the childhood life once again beautiful country Nepal.  Where thousands of tourist visit every year from all over the world and enjoying with mountain scenery and approaching the different culture and traditions.

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