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What Mistakes To Avoid While Organizing Your Mardi Himal Trek In Nepal?

What Mistakes To Avoid While Organizing Your Mardi Himal Trek In Nepal?

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Are you fond of traveling and exploring new places? If yes! Then Mardi Himal Trek must included in your bucket list. The Mardi Himal trek in Nepal can be considered one of the hidden gems of the Annapurna Region. This trek gives you an unforgettable experience that takes you through the green hills with mesmerizing trails, forests, and valleys flanked by snow-capped mountains. Many amazing picturesque views are awaiting you. In addition, making your trips smooth and hassle-free requires some preparation. A few common mistakes individuals make while trekking may spoil your overall experience.

The Mistakes To Avoid While Going For A Treak Mardi Himal Trek In Nepal?

Are you going for such an amazing trek for the first time, or have you experienced it once? Whether it's your first trek or second, the preparation plays a vital role in enhancing your overall experience. The Mardi Himal trek in Nepal is a dream of many, and nobody wants to spoil it at any cost. If you're going to these treks, no worries! This article will shed light on the mistakes you should avoid to enjoy your trek to the fullest. Let's begin:

1. Trekking Without Guide

Are you thinking about solo trekking? It may initially sound adventurous, but it is equally unsafe and challenging. Multiple reasons require a guide for a successful trek, such as the fact that you can get lost in the woods or the language barrier. You may also have health hazards, or novice trekkers may get issues during your trek. Ultimately, a guide gives you company and takes care of your things while sharing all the significant details with you. Moreover, guide also have the Mardi Himal Trek map to reduce the risks of getting lost.

2. Skipping Meals

Having a balanced diet is another major factor to consider when you go on any trek. You must refrain from drinking alcohol, eating meat, and skipping meals. The food you prepare on the trail is hygienic and has all the nutrients needed to finish your trek. Additionally, you will have a variety of food, including curries, noodles, momos, pancakes, Nepali Dal, and bhat for your lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

3. Overpacking Or Underpacking

It's obvious when you'll live your dream; of course, you want everything to look perfect. The excitement leads us to overpack, but this time, you need to be conscious about what is indeed the crucial thing to carry while on your trek. You should always strive to pack as much less as you can. Your heavy luggage will make you tired soon.

4. Trekking In Normal Shoes

Trekking is all about the rocky, rugged, and steep trails. Taking normal shoes for your trekking can be one of your biggest mistakes. It may get you painful blisters that will ruin your whole trip. Therefore, you should take trekking shoes that offer you a comfortable experience. Go for shoes with soft bottoms that will save you from blisters. Also, remember to trim your toenails, which may cause bleeding. Whether it’s an Everest base camp helicopter tour in Nepal or normal trek preparation always has perks.

5. Moving Too Fast At High Altitude

This is one of the common mistakes individuals make. They move too fast, and the oxygen supply diminishes with the enhancement in altitude. Hence, moving too fast may cause breathing issues and show the sickness of altitude sickness such as fainting, dizziness, and vomiting. That's why trekkers must follow the simple phrase.  

6. Not Drinking The Enough Water

There are two major mistakes trekkers make here. There are two scenarios: either they don’t drink enough water or drink water from the tap and stream as locals do. The water locals drink may not suit you; upper region water contains many germs that make you sick. Carrying the mineral water is not possible. So, you should carry water purification tablets to protect yourself from stomach problems.

Prepare Your Trip Ahead And Leave No Room For Regrets!

Trekking to Nepal is indeed a magnificent experience you can ever have. Your subtle preparation for your trek can save you from big troubles. Whether it is your first  Mardi Himal trek in Nepal or you have gone on several others, we ensure you get the most smooth and adventurous journey without any hassle and hurdles. 

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