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About Us- why with Adventure Nepal Eco Treks?

About Us- why with Adventure Nepal Eco Treks?

why with Adventure Nepal Eco Treks?

Choosing Adventure Nepal Eco Treks for your adventure in Nepal comes with several compelling reasons:

Experience: Adventure Nepal Eco Treks has years of experience in organizing treks and tours in Nepal. They have a deep understanding of the terrain, culture, and local customs, ensuring a smooth and enriching experience for travelers.

Ethical and Sustainable Tourism: As the name suggests, Adventure Nepal Eco Treks is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable tourism practices. They prioritize minimizing environmental impact and supporting local communities.


Expert Guides: Their team consists of experienced and knowledgeable guides who are familiar with the trails, safety measures, and cultural insights. They enhance your journey by providing valuable information and ensuring your safety throughout the trip.

Customized Itineraries: Adventure Nepal Eco Treks offers a variety of itineraries tailored to different interests, fitness levels, and timeframes. Whether you're into trekking, cultural tours, or adventure activities, they have options to suit your preferences.

Safety: Safety is paramount with Adventure Nepal Eco Treks. They provide proper equipment, adhere to safety protocols, and have trained staff to handle emergencies, ensuring your trek is not only enjoyable but also secure.

Community Engagement: They actively engage with local communities along the trekking routes, fostering positive relationships and supporting sustainable development initiatives that benefit the local people.

Affordability: While providing top-notch service, Adventure Nepal Eco Treks offers competitive pricing, making your adventure in Nepal accessible without compromising quality.

All our team members are dedicated, professional and have sufficient training in tourism and long time experience in their respective areas of expertise. They all are well versed in English and other foreign languages and know well about the Himalayan countries.Energetic, dynamic Expert Team Leading Local Trekking Company in Kathmandu Nepal since 2009. Our Major priority is Customer happiness, satisfied as well as provides Hospitality from inner heart in the tourism industry.

Adventure Nepal Eco Trek Pvt. Ltd. is a well established and officially recognized destination travel Management Company based in Central Kathmandu. It offers services on all aspects of travel-whether it be culture, heritage, pilgrimage tour, lodge-based treks, wildlife safari trips, rafting on the Himalayan rivers and any other adventure sports in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet ,Bhutan.

Adventure Nepal Eco Trekking is run and managed by a team of travel professionals and tour leaders who have many years of experience in inbound and outbound tourism. All our trekking and cultural guides are highly skilled professionals in their respective areas of tour operation and are very much capable to disseminate the interesting facts about the Himalayas, the culture, history and religion of the areas you visit.

Adventure Nepal Eco Trekking is committed to offering quality service at an optimum level to its valued clients from the beginning to the end of tours. Our dedicated staff will take very good care of every need of our esteemed clients and make every effort to send them back to their home country happy with pleasant memories about Nepal and its neighboring countries.

Overall, Adventure Nepal Eco Treks combines expertise, sustainability, and a commitment to responsible tourism, ensuring a memorable and rewarding experience in the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal.

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