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Best Trekking Guide in Nepal | Adventure Nepal Eco Treks

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If a more holistic experience is what you are looking for, a trek to the Everest base camp, Manaslu circuit Trek, Nar phu valley Trek, Annapurna circuit Tilicho lake Trek, kanchenjunga base camp Trek, Makalu base camp Trek, langtang valley Gosaikunda Trek, pikey peak trek, Gokyo valley Trek, Ghorepani poon hill Muldahi view point mardi Himal Trek are always better with both a guide and a porter. A guide and a porter do not just make your trek easier, they also offer you what you are never able to experience trekking alone. 

They give you short stories about the places you are staying and the many myths around the Everest region. Did you know there is a Yeti skull at a monastery in Khumjung, a short hike from Namche Bazar? These are the types of information that you get if you take a guide along with you.

The Everest base camp trek also has a few hidden gems. Sure, you can go there alone, but unearthing these hidden gems with someone who knows about it will definitely give you a better experience. Apart from that, if you take a guide on your trek to the Everest region, you will also be suggested some really nice lodges to stay at. 

Best Trekking Guide hire in Nepal not only showing you the trail, but also give you information about the area, Trekking region,mountains, temples and geography flora and fauna.

Trekking guide will assist you for securing room at the lodges in busy season, helping you with your backpack,look after logistics, registering your details at every check post,organizing your transport, liaising and directing the porter.

While you are trekking with us you can have Government licensed holder guide. Licensed is given after attaining a long training held by Trekking Agencies'Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) every year and instruction in various subjects including first aid, altitude sickness and other important issues.

Meanwhile a porter is hired to carry your bags and that alone can make a big difference. Be sure to give him a reasonable fully packed backpack. If you are traveling with friends, group your stuffs together in one big backpack and give that to porter and then each of you carry a small day bag.

When you are trekking alone a porter or guide might be an ideal person accompanying you. “Adventure Nepal Eco Treks” have many professional,long time experience and more then 10 years working at same company from 2009.

professional and knowledgeable Trekking guide fulfill your necessities while you are trekking with them. Mostly  trekking  guide have been receiving training from Government of Nepal and at the same time they can get knowledge for altitude sickness, first aid and general  treatment.

How and where To Hire Best Trekking Guide in Nepal:

if you are planning to Trekking or travel in Nepal you might need trekking guide for trekking and tour guide for city tour.

you can find them at Legal Government Register Trekking Agency in Kathmandu Nepal. while you will hire Guide and porter from legal trekking company they will insured for trekking and you don’t worry about theirs travel insurance. please contact for  Trekking guide and porter at whats app +977-9851082358

just you can pay at company to hire best, experience trekking guide and porter for their's  3 meals a day breakfast, lunch dinner, accommodation, transport, each day allowance and travel insurance.

also most important things is that you can meet and talk with Guide and porter before start your trekking. there are 1000 of  register trekking company in Kathmandu Nepal, so you might make sure your adventure travel trekking journey with best trekking company with professional informative  trekking guide.

you are the trekkers and key is on your hand because make sure your holiday with Legal company  and best Himalayan trekking guide. while you are trekking with Adventure Nepal Eco Trek, you will be free of hassle and there is no hidden cost.

There are many trekking guide in Adventure Nepal Eco Trek and some of them are top selected Guide from Trekkers Like Kumar, Ramesh, Samir,Tilak and all of them work together with Adventure Nepal Eco Trek from 2009 to till now. if you are trekking to Everest base camp you can rent Guide and porter in Lukla foot hill of Mount Everest.

Our Guide and porter stay at Lukla and they you pick you from Lukla airport and trek with you to Everest Base Camp kalapathar and Gokyo Valley Lakes and walk downhill to Lukla.

Hiring Trekking  guide in Nepal

Your guide to hiring a guide for trekking in Nepal Before I even arrived in Nepal I was worried about both trekking and finding the right guide.t's not easy to know what to expect when you arrive in Nepal, or even from home when planning a trek.From online tour companies claiming the world to confusing forums there is a lot of information out there. This page will help you with answers to the questions I had before arriving. problems could  be the following:

you were alone, where to start?  Where to go on the trek?  Who to Believe? The cost hiring guide?How to choose the right guide? A Guide or a Porter?  As a woman, is it safe? When to hire a guide? »Trekking with the guide? Where to go on a trek in Nepal? 

This was easier to decide once  you have got to Nepal. After one or two sit downs with agencies and asking them to suggest places based on my time frame I had a better idea. Also some good online photo galleries showed me what to expect. I chose the Annapurna Circuit (and have since been to EBC along with many more treks).

How to choose the right guide in Nepal? 

Interview at least 3 guides, whether they be independents or from an agency. Remember, you will be with this person from anywhere between 3 - 25 days! Suggested questions to ask and confirm:

(1) Agree on the  trekking route.

(2) Agree on the price. Valley leading to the Annapurna Base Camp Trail

(3) Agree on the need for porters and guide?

(4) Ask how many times the guide has done the trek? 

(5) Do they have a family? What do they do aside from Guiding - in other words try to get to know them a bit better personally.

(6) Agree about who pays for what en route?

(7) Confirm they are registered guides and that they are insured (they will have certificates to prove this)

. (8) Ask them if they will be drinking alcohol on the trek (in other words find out if this could be an issue).

(9) Confirm that your guide will be paying for his own food and accommodation.

(10) Reconfirm the finances.

(11) Ask yourself if are you totally happy and comfortable with the guide?

Get with the times and go virtual! 

The days of being afraid of booking ahead and not knowing who your guide is until you arrive are over. There's widespread internet in Nepal and nearly all trekking agencies and guides have smartphones.

It means you should and can (with good companies) be able to meet and talk with your guide months ahead of your trek! It means knowing how good they are at speaking your language. What their mannerisms are like. And, how you get on together.

It's not a question of being best friends, it's literally about getting to meet the person you are hiring beforehand. Keep in mind that when emailing or messaging a local trekking guide their English grammar may not be so great. But in person or rather over video using Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger you can talk directly with them in English.

Trekking guides are now mandatory in Nepal In March 2023 Nepal Tourism Board enacted an old law that required trekkers to now have a mandatory trekking guide. This includes single people, couples, groups, mountain bikers etc.

The enactment of this law has been controversial. Local hotels, restaurants, and businesses are all losing out to package tours. Moreover, local guides must now be registered to a trekking company. So no more independent freelance guides either. Need help finding a trekking guide

Do I need Guide or a Porter in Nepal?

You need a fully qualified trekking guide or porter-guide that is registered with a trekking agency. A porter does not count as a guide and it is illegal to use a porter aas a guide in Nepal.  First the difference:

(1) A guide should speak good English and be able to tell you about the places you pass though. They can arrange accommodation and negotiate with tea houses and eateries for you. A trekking guide does not carry your equipment.

(2) A porter carries your equipment for you and no more (20kg max). They don't often speak any English. Most can carry two backpacks that they will strap together. But it's very important you do not take advantage of the porter. They are usually very proud people and will attempt to carry things that are just too heavy. Which is not good.

(3) There are porter-guides too. A trainee guide if you will. They have been porters that have completed their guide training but may still be working on their English or building their hours up on the trekking routes.

They can carry some of your gear but not as much as a full porter. (Note) I would recommend leeaving heavy bags at your hotel rather than hiring a porter specifically for carrying things you will not need on the trek. That said if you plan on carrying camera equipment such as SLR's and tripods having a porter can be a great help to free you up.

As a woman, is it safe to trek alone in Nepal with a guide?

It's important that you feel comfortable with your guide. The majority of guides are male. However there are some agencies with female only guides and porters that you might want to consider if you are not comfortable with a male guide.  However these guides are much more expensive and in recent years even when booked seem to be unavailable once you actually arrive in Nepal.

Do take care. On all treks there are registration stops and your details are logged. Again the best advice I can give is go with a recommended guide who has good references. You may also want to do the following for piece of mind: Let your friends and family know your itinerary Buy a sim card with data to stay in touch with people (it won't work everywhere,but it can help

When to hire a guide? Early! If you want a good guide then understand they book out quickly. Post pandemic there is a shortage of good guides in Nepal as many had to take up secure jobs elsewhere. Some people book a guide one year in advance.

This is good in the sense that they are guaranteed a good guide and don't have to worry about it again. At the bare minimum I would advise booking a guide once you have your flights booked - that way you'll know exactly how many days you will be in Nepal (don't forget to add days for domestic flight delays from places like Lukla - add 2 days back up if possible).

The biggest issues come about when trekkers leave it until the last minute. Not only are guides booked out, which raises the price of finding one, but the quality goes down too along with difficulty in securing local transport.

All those ads for treks and guides don't tell you about this, but it's clear as day to everyone in Nepal. Moral of the story? Book early, it will save you money and secure you a good guide for your trek. Leave it to the last minute and you run the risk of a less experienced guide at a higher price. 

Our Energetic and dynamic  team at Adventure Nepal Eco Treks has earned 5/5 star ratings on TripAdvisor. Don't forget to visit our Trekkers feedback page on TripAdvisor. If you believe our expert team can be helpful in planning your next adventure trip to Nepal, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Expert also available 24x7 on WhatsApp  +977- 9851082358

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