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Gaijatra - Cow festival - (July-August)

  • Festival in Nepal

Gaijatra - Cow festival - (July-August)

Overview And Highlights

Gaijatra-Cow festival (July to August)  is the special street festival that lasts for eight days during the month of July to August. It is mostly celebrated in Kathmandu valley by the Newar community. The festival is celebrated as remembrance to the dead people during the year .During the whole procession the cows are marched in the streets and if the cow is unavailable young boys dressed up as the cows can be the best substitute. It is believed that cow helps the departed soul to continue their journey to heaven. In Kathmandu, the bereave families proceed along the route individually whereas in Patan the participants gather in Durbar Square and proceed out together. In Bhaktapur tall bamboo poles topped with horns which are tied with straw are carried around the street in the memory of the dead relatives. This is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in Nepal. Dancing, Singing, Comedy and anything other that brings humor and laughter are the main highlights of the festival.

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