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Ghodejatra (March-April)

  • Festival in Nepal

Ghodejatra (March-April)

Overview And Highlights

Ghodejatra(March- April)- This horse racing day occurs during the fourteenth of the dark half of the chaitra which is somewhat between March and April. During this festive season a grand horse parade take place in the Tundikhel which is the central hub of the city and in the times before it has been as the largest parade ground in Asia. As the historians in the ancient days the Kings of Kathmandu use to worship Bhadrakali temple following the Living goddess Kumari. This festive occasion have two parts: the first part involves the Newar of Kathmandu. Here the people carry the idols of god and goddess and carry in different area in portable chariots. Every household take part in the procession. A demon named Gurumumpa is also propitiated during this time; this festival is known as Pahachare.  The other part of the festival is a programme offered by Nepalese army in the Tundikhel in the afternoon of the main day. Horse race and other acrobatics are performed here and here the prime minister, president and other high label government personnel will be present. In the past it was the festive season for Kathmandu residents only but now its popularity has spread all over Nepal. It is regarded as the auspicious day for consuming large amount of meat and garlic. According to the mythology the festival has been celebrated as the victory over the demon named Tundi who resided in the meadow today known as Tundikhel; so after his death people expressed their joy by dancing in his body with horses. So it is believed that the bawl of the horse hooves keeps the spirit of demon away from the city as it still threatens to ruin the city. The horse parade in the Tundikhel is considered to be good omen for the country as well as its citizen.

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