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Khaptad National park

  • Jungle Safari in Nepal

Khaptad National park

Overview And Highlights

Khaptad National Park is situated in far western region of Nepal it is named after Khaptad Swami, a renowned spiritual hermit. The park covering the area of has got it all from the hills of grassland and forest of subtropical, temperate and sub alpine vegetation. Its prosperous natural features ranges from High Mountain to bottomless gorges and mid elevation plateaus.  Located at an altitude of 3,300m this park has got 224species of medicinal herbs and 270 species of birds. Some of the common species of birds found here are Impheyan pheasant, Partridges, Flycatchers, Bulbuls, Cuckoo and Eagles. At the same time the animals found in park are Barking deer, Wild boar, Ghoral, Himalayan black bear, Yellow throated marten, Rhesus Monkey and Langur monkey. Khaptad national park also offers pilgrimage at Tribeni which is situated on the way to its headquarters. Several historical temples surround the area and an annual festival of Ganga Dashara is celebrated here during Jyestha Purnima. Another religious site in here is Sahara Linga which is located at 3,300m which is also the highest point of the park.

At the northeast side of the park lies the Khaptad Lake where a festival is celebrated in every August and September.Khaptad National Park grants treks that vary from short easy hikes to effortful one; historical, cultural and religious sightseeing with its many celestial sites, and rich cultural experience of Nepal. From Nepalgunj one can drive to Silgadhi in Doti district from where the park entrance is just at a hike of six hours from where you can explore this mystical and unexplored territory of Nepal.

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