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Krishnastami (July-August)

  • Festival in Nepal

Krishnastami (July-August)

Overview And Highlights

Krishnastami(July-August) is one of the major festival celebrated by the Hindus all over the world; it signifies the birth of Lord Krishna.  This two day festival takes place during the eighth day of lunar fortnight. First day of this festival is known as Krishnastami and the second day is known as Kalastami popularly Janmastami. During the midnight between the first and second day the birth of lord Krishna is replicated with a ceremony. During the particular day of Krishnastami group of devotees and worshippers carry statues of Lord Krishna with the band of musicians through the streets of Patan. Delicacies are prepared from milk and curd the lord Krishna loved. Thousand of worshippers flock to Krishna temple to pay their devotion and receive blessings. The whole atmosphere seems to be blown away by the ecstatic prayers and the small lamps are lit as a symbol of fidelity to the divinity.

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