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Namtso Lake

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Namtso Lake

Overview And Highlights

NamtsoLake was form due to the plate tectonic movements and is situated at an elevation of 4,718m and covers the area of 1,920 square kilometers. This snow fed lake maintains its level from rainfall to melted snow. This lake encompasses five islands among itself and the largest one is Liangduo Island. In addition other five byland add into the lake in different direction.Zhaxibyland is the largest byland. Hodgepodge of many peaks structured like tree trunks, human beings which captivate your imagination surrounds the byland.

Similarly, you too can witness the hollows which are placed and structured in such a way that they are the masterpiece of nature.Zhaxi  is also bestowed with queer rocks, steep rocks and natural stone ladders which gives goose bumps out of excitement to the visitors. In the past this island is used to be part of the holy walk to the lake walked usually during the end of the winter.

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