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Sukla Phant Wildlife Reserve

  • Jungle Safari in Nepal

Sukla Phant Wildlife Reserve

Overview And Highlights

Sukla Phant Wildlife Reserve is covering the area of 305; it used to be hunting reserve since 1969 and was converted to National park in 1976. This wildlife reserve is located in the south west of Nepal in Kanchanpur district and the name of the park is derived from the largest of these grasslands which is known as Sukla Phant. The park is bordered by Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in the south,  Mahakali River in the west, Chaudhar River in the east and forest and cultivated land in the north. Although the area of the park is small it protects and gives habitat to the vast range of flora and fauna. Shukla Phant is one grassland is one of the last remaining habitat to the endangered species like Hispid hare, Pygmy hog and the Swamp deer. Beside these other wildlife such are spotted deer, hog deer, tiger, wild elephants, nilgai, wild dog, jackal, porcupine and otter have also been seen here. The vegetation in here primarily consist of Sal forest and Sal savanna, which is part of climax forest and grasslandOn the way to reserve a stop at the Rani Tal is the most. This comparatively small lake attracts the wide range of birds and animals equally. Here we can see Herons, ducks, storks, kingfishers and egrets competing for the food at the same time swamp deer splashing their body in the edges. One can see hundreds of Swamp deer grazing at the edge of the water; meanwhile you can see thousands of waterfowl mingle in the water surface from the nearby machan. Other way of exploring the wildlife reserve may be by driving on the land rovers which will be available in the spot only or jungle walking with the trained guides.

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