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Elephant Polo in Nepal

  • Outdoor Adventure in Nepal

Elephant Polo in Nepal

Overview And Highlights

Elephant Polo in Nepal is a beautiful land has its own aura that lures every nature’s admirers as well as adventure seekers. The Terai region of Nepal gets wonderfully beautiful as a bride during the month of December. Nepal has number of adventure sports among them one is Elephant Polo.  The endless fertile green plain just, in the foothills of Mahabharata range makes the Chitwan National Park.  This one of the most visited site of Nepal provides habitat for many endangered wild species such as Elephants, Tigers, Langurs, Rhino and two species of Crocodiles i.e. Marsh Muggers and Gharials. Each year number of Tourist from all around the globe flow here to experience and witness the wonderful sport.  Nepal Elephant Polo is famous all over the world as it has its own assets and oomph factor. This game is conducted every year in-between the last week of November to first week of December in Chitwan National Park. Each year the event is organized by World Elephant Polo Association (WEPA). Each year WEPA conduct the tournament in the Grounds of Meghauli that is situated on the park’s northern boundary.

In this game there are four elephants in each group with a mahout in each. Behind the mahouts there are players provided with a mallet in hand. The ball that is used is the standard polo ball. The rule is such that the player should hit the opponent goal post. There are two 10-minutes chukkers, separated by a 15 minutes break after the break the team changes the sides. Elephant polo is one of the best tourist attractions. 

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