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Phoksundo National Park

  • Jungle Safari in Nepal

Phoksundo National Park

Overview And Highlights

Shey phoksundo national park is one of the remotest National park of Nepal which is also largest and only Trans Himalayan National Park in Nepal. Covering the area of 3,555, Phoksundo National Park offers the assortment of fabulous landscape and ranks among the most scenic mountain parks in the world.

The park is placed in Dolpa and Mugu district of Northwestern part of Nepal and much area of the park lies in the Himalayan crest. The park encompasses the beautiful turquoise colored Phoksundo Lake which is also the deepest lake of Nepal. Due to The presence of Phoksundo and Shey Monastery the park got its name.

Vegetation in the lower altitude of park comprises of Pine, Walnut, Willow, Oak, Poplar and Cypress whereas in the higher altitude Spruce, Juniper and Birch dominates the park.The park is also the abode for different wild animals such as Snow Leopard, Wild Dog, Marmot, Weasel, Mouse Hare, Rhesus Monkey, Musk deer, Ghoral, Sheep, Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Thar and Jackal.

Over 200 species of birds have been witnessed here some of them are Yellow throated marten, Tibetan Partridge, Wood Spine, White throated tit, Wood accentor and Crimson eared rose finch.

Other species of bird found here are Impeyan, Cheer pheasant, Chough, Ravens, Tibetan Snow cock, Tibetan Twit, Brown dipper and Himalayan lammergeyer. Beside these, the park is also the home to six species of reptiles and 29 species of butterfly.

The park is also the pilgrimage site as it has many Gompas many of which are renovated. Among the many the most famous one is Shey Gompa which was built in 11th century.

Ringmo village a distinctive Tibetan village is scenically settled in the park.  Within the territory of park 9,000 people live; and this is the one of highest human settlement on the earth. We can reach here through Juphal which is linked to Nepalgunj by air. From Juphal the park is half day trek away; for adventure lover the best option can be flying to Jumla and trek for 10 to 12 days and you will be there.

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