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Overview And Highlights

Shigatse which literally means fertile land is known for its location i.e. 300 km away from world’s highest peak Mt Everest and 150km away from Sakya Monastery and is also the only path to Tibet’s holy lakes. Hence, Shigatse is an important base for the people heading for those places. The history of this city goes back to 600 years and covers the area of 3,875square km. Here, the accommodation facilities are not as that are found in the urban areas but still they are plentiful. You can reach here through buses which will be heading to nearby venues such as Lhasa, Zhangmu and Nakchu; facilities such as banks and post office make touring in Tibet easy.  No 318 and China Nepal highway connects this place which makes this place open to outer world.

Nowadays Shigatse is becoming an important Tibetan communication hub and process of modernization is also occurring here. New industrial plants including mechanics, chemicals and food production are placed here. At the same time small scale cottage industries such as traditional handicrafts have been encouraged and placed here. Products which include Tibetan knives and items of gold and silver are sought throughout China and finally exported abroad.

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